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Queen Yokie

Heyyyyy! How are you?! Welcome to the empire! My real name is Niyoka (Ny - yo - kah) but I go by Yokie (a nickname I was given by my bestfriend when we were 10).

I love skin care and education my diverse community about its importance!

My passion speaks through my work! My hands are unmatched they snatch every hair while being gentle yet, put you to sleep during facials.

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My Story

Where do I begin... I feel in love with the beauty industry at the ripe age of 2. I taught myself how to braid by 8 years old and started taking clients in middle school doing hair. After finishing high school I parents (STRONGLY) encouraged me to go to college, after graduating with a degree in computers and a "career" with the federal government, I still felt incomplete. I started researching beauty schools ... to make a long story short - I officially/legally started my beauty journey in 2019. Since then I've completed 3 trade school programs: nails, skin care, and barbering.

I love every thing about the beauty industry, but I feel into waxing and shockingly loved it. I tested other chain competitors ... well I don't see them as competition when my services are unmatched (drinks water and minds my business). I saw a huge lack of education, rushed services, and poor care in customer service. Skin care is a luxury, but the education I provide during your treatment is priceless. (Put some respect on my name... Period.)

I have fur baby name Chance (A Bad Chihuahua) who loves food and doesn't like to listen. My favorite color is purple and you will see when you visit the spa. I love broccoli, ice cream, and dancing (who knows I might bust a move during your wax lol). I am a work-a-holic - if you didn't know I am also a photographer and I have a studio I rent out for events as well!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(813) 244 - 9500

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